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therapsid n : probably warm-blooded; considered direct ancestor of mammals [syn: protomammal]

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  1. Any extinct reptile, of the order Therapsida; thought to be direct ancestors of the mammals

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Therapsids are an order of synapsids (Class Synapsida). Traditionally, synapsids were referred to as reptiles and were known as the "mammal-like reptiles". However, they are now classified as a sister-group to the reptiles, and are phylogenetically closer to the mammals. Indeed, when the term is used cladistically, the taxon also includes the mammals, which are descended from the cynodont therapsids. All other lineages of the therapsids are extinct; the last known survivors of the non-mammalian therapsids lived in the Early Cretaceous period.


Therapsids' temporal fenestrae were larger than those of the pelycosaurs. The jaws of therapsids were more complex and powerful and the teeth were differentiated into frontal incisors for nipping, large lateral canines for puncturing and tearing, and molars for shearing and chopping food. Therapsids' legs were positioned more vertically beneath their bodies than were the sprawling legs of reptiles and pelycosaurs.

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see also Evolution of mammals

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